Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beginning Blogger

I've been looking for a way to work out my trials and tribulations as a new high school art teacher and I decided that I would give blogging a try. I'm planning on sharing my successes and failures in hopes that others out there will be inspired or will at least inspire me. Either way, everybody wins.

I'm very much into art, crafts, and anything that makes life artistic so i'm sure that will be a large part of this blog as well. My current passion is crochet. i'm working on an afghan and i'm in search of an awesome pattern for a hat. I have some great cotton/silk yarn which is screaming to be created into something.

Regarding school, i'm teaching an intro art class at a high school where a small percentage of the students have ever had art. this is completely new to me. i'm used to be able to explain things and use art terms with out question, but its completely different now. i'm starting from the bottom up. we just finished creating a color wheel and we had to go step by step. so basic, that i needed to explain how to create orange, green ad purple. Don't get me wrong, the kids are great, its just a learning curve for me. I'll planning on posting how lessons are going. Currently, we are painting apples in various color schemes and i'm beginning to realize that I probably should have taught value before color because the concept of color is beyond many on them. Oops. but they are half year classes so i get to fix things for next semester.

that's it for now. more to come i'm sure. i'm hoping this blogging thing will be a good outlet for me!