Thursday, March 15, 2012

We have light....

in our bathroom.  And it only took us like a month to make it happen!

Yeesh!  I am FAILING at this blogging thing.  It has been forever AGAIN since I have updated...sorry to like the .2 people that actually read this!

Anyways....the light.  One of the things you don't think about when you buy a house is that the people you bought it from installed all the fixtures and actually knew how to use them.  We move in, everything worked, and we don't think about what happens when one stops working.

We have this light in the bathroom:

It doesn't look that intimidating right?  Well....I blew the light bulb about a month ago and for the life of me, could NOT figure out how to get into it to change the bulb.  It looked like you should be able to remove the glass piece but there was no way to get a hold of it.  Maybe it twisted off, maybe you pulled the whole thing down???  It kind of looked like it was attached to the plaster so I was SUPER afraid about pulling on it, ripping it out of the ceiling and being left with a super scary hole staring at me while I take a shower.

So what did we do?  After attempting to remove the glass with a paint can opener and a knitting needle...we gave up and just used the little light next to the mirror.  Not ideal, but we survived.

I had several people take a look at it when they came to visit.  You know a "welcome to our new home, wanna see the broken light in our bathroom?" kind of thing. 

Finally, my mom says to me:

"Why don't you take a picture of it and bring it to Home Depot and have them tell you how to do it.  They probably have this exact light in stock."

At this point, a light bulb in MY head went off.  What a simple solution - why why why did I spend all that time picking at it with a knitting needle!

So my husband and I went to Home Depot, we walk in the door and I show the picture of the light to the first person I see...totally embarassing my husband...but I am on a MISSION to finally get this light fixed.  After being directed to about 4 different people, someone finally brings us to the light, opens the box right there and shows us how it works,

It does pull down - super easy - not at all complicated!  Go figure.

We go home, give it a pull...SUCCESS...change the light bulb and....

Victory dance as I no longer have to shower in the semi-dark!

Did I mention victory dance....cause there was one...good thing there wasn't a camera or you mught have gotten to see it too.

So the adventures of home-ownership.  Apparently the smallest things garner an awful lot of excitement! 

Do things like this excite you?