Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cape Cod

It's finally here! Tomorrow my sister and I are off for our annual sister vacation! This will be our 4th summer going and I'm so excited.

We do have a few more visitors than the first couple summers, but we feel the more the merrier. We have some friends stopping by half way through the week and my husband will be joining us for a bit as well...but it is still a sister vacation!

It's all about us! My sister and I are two very different individuals but together we just work - I don't know how to describe our connection, but she is truly my very best friend and I look forward to this trip pretty much the day after we get back from the previous one.

There will be tons of sun, sand, beach, and food! As well as some sight seeing and visiting several places that have become true favorites.

There will be a stop at my favorite Salt Water Taffy place...

As well as this awesome restaurant:

And this lovely vineyard:

As well as many other things that should be oh so wonderful! Looks to be a good week for the beach and a lovely time on the CAAAAAAPPPPPPEEEE!

Can you tell I'm a bit excited?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

more houses

...and more places to add to the list of homes we will not be living in. We are creating a pretty fabulous list of all the things we don't like. Hopefully we will find a place that have more likes sooooon.

On a side note, when you decide to "flip" a home, don't half ass it - Laying down new floors and white washing the walls, but clearly leaving the cracked old windows intact and hiding old rotted cabinets behind "new-ish" doors does not make one a good house "flipper."

.....also having a sump-pump is great, but it works better if actually installed and running ;)

That's all for today!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have a fear of needles. I hate it. They never used to bother me, but I gave blood once in high school and nearly passed out. They wouldn't let me leave the table because I was pretty green...ever since then I get kind of queasy when it comes to shots. Usually with a shot I can psych myself up and get through it, but when I have to have blood work done, it becomes more difficult.

I get myself all ready for it, talking myself down and I get through the blood drawing part. Then once it is done, everything gets a bit shaky and I get those lovely cold sweats and fuzzy vision. It doesn't usually last very long and I always warn the nurse, but I still get so embarrassed by it. I feel like deep down I should be able to get through it.

Which leads me to yesterday. My mom has been going to acupuncture for several years now and it has made a world of difference for her. She has taken my step-dad, sister and brother there and it has helped them as well. She has been trying to get me to go for a long time now...

But those needles - just thinking about them freaks me out and makes me weepy! I just couldn't imagine laying there with needles all over my body!!!

I have had some health issues my own that have been an issue for quite a while and I haven't been able to make it better. I do not want to take additional meds so FINALLY after much convincing, I agreed to try acupuncture with my mom by my side.

"I'm gonna cry" (she said she was okay with that)
"I might throw up on you" (she said she was okay with that too - my mom REALLY loves me)

So off we went. I laid down on the table, talked with the acupuncture woman (the acupuncturist?) and she finally put the first needle in...


I flinched, but then was okay. She put a few more in, and then a few more...

I kept waiting for it to hurt or make me light headed, but neither thing happened. I did cry - but only a little and then I was able to even *gasp* relax a bit. I even wanted to laugh a bit - I was so sure that it was going to be terrible I couldn't help laughing at how much easier it was than I ever could have imagined.

After it was over, they removed the needles (which also did not hurt), my mom gave me a glass of water and a hug and I scheduled another appointment later this week which I am going to be totally brave for and go all by myself!

So far the results have been good...I will post how I feel as time progresses.

So.....thanks MOM! I know it took me forever to get there, and I know you gave me your appointment...you are the bestest! I Love YOU!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Credit Scores and House hunting

Money is a pain. And to make matters worse you also get rated on how well you spend your money - enter the credit score. I recently got my credit score from my bank as a result of looking to see what I could be pre-qualified for for a mortgage. You hold your breathe when opening the credit score...I mean, I like to think that I am responsible with my money and I pay my bills on time....but did I do something wrong that will make my credit score soooooo bad that no one will want to give us a loan ever?????

I know that sounds dramatic, and in the end it really wasn't. My score isn't terrible, it's actually pretty decent. Free and clear right? Um, then we get to talk about debt ratio....like how much am I worth vs how much I owe. That is not so much fun - realizing how much you really are worth in the eyes of your bank.

I am apparently worth something....but not too too much

But the house hunt continues - I started contacting people to set up some showings. Many of the houses I was looking at already have offers, but I am not giving up! The right house will come along...it will! Another test in patience....but I can do it....I hope...