Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I don't pretend to be coordinated, but a couple weeks ago my friend posted a Groupon for 10 Zumba lessons for only $20! I have been less than diligent at going to the gym lately and I wanted to use this summer as a chance to get back into the swing of it and get in shape (and lose a few lbs would be nice too ;))

So I got the Groupon and this morning, my first official morning of my summer vacation, I got a hold of my friend to see if there was a class today. There was at 5:30. So I picked her up, swallowed my pride and went for it.

It was a blast - I was a mess - but it was a blast. The music was great and the dancing/working out was a lot of fun. I felt like most of the time I was going in the wrong direction or going up when I should have been going down, but I was not alone and everyone was laughing and keeping up with the instructor as best they could!

My friend and I left exhausted but also excited and are planning to go again either tomorrow or friday depending on when the class was being held. After my ten classes are done, I will probably go back to doing Zumba at my gym and hopefully on a more regular basis - it it waaaaaay more fun than the treadmill and works waaaaaaay more muscles!

So yeah Zumba - if you are looking for something new, check it out!

Stay motivated!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is Here!

I know summer technically started already, but today was my last day of school for the year so for me, summer begins today! It has been quite the school year - if I had been more proactive, I could have shared all the crazy and interesting stories of the year here....oops! Things to look forward to next year.

For now, all I can really discuss is how happy I am that summer is finally here! We had far too many snow days this year so the school year went so so so SO late!

Now it's time to look forward to all my summer plans! I have two big ones!

First: House Hunting! I plan to go to the bank tomorrow to start figuring out all the loan stuff and then we are off and running, hopefully seeing several houses each week and even more hopefully finding our new HOME! I know it is going to be hard and stressful, but I am so ready to find a house to make our own! And yes, I am also ready for all the "fun" things involved in home-ownership including mowing the lawn, fixing leaks, finding unexpected problems that need solutions...It's gonna be great!

Second: Cape Cod! My sister and I go every summer and this year is no exception. We have been sharing links to all the places we look forward to visiting again and again on facebook and I am just getting more and more excited! It will be so nice to get away and have some beach time!

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, Jack!

I like to share pictures and although I plan on sharing lots of fun Cape Cod things, I wanted to share this CUTENESS with you first! He greets me every day when I get home from work, makes me think that he really wants to be loved today, and then runs from me and goes to relax on his favorite chair (see above)

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If your guess was, What is Red Robin, then you are correct!

The school I work at is having a fundraiser at Red Robin where they will get a percentage of all sales, and I wanted to show my support. I messaged my friend that is up from Texas to see if she wanted to come with my husband and I for some deliciousness. That was yesterday! Then I realized that the fundraiser was not this evening, but is actually Thursday evening....ooops.

I had already promised burgers so we still went and had a lovely time. My friend Biffer and I never lack at having something to talk about and I've really missed her. Plus she is my workout buddy and we will be attempting to take a bunch of Zumba classes this sweat off all the Red Robin we are eating.

Oh! She also likes to bedazzle my nails while at Red Robin - which makes the whole experience that much fancier!

So much for supporting my school....maybe I'll order something to go Thursday...THEN go to Zumba waaaaaay more than I planned to this summer.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Car Shopping with My Sister

My sister has had a tough couple weeks. On June 1st here in Massachusetts we had a tornado that caused terrible destruction in our area. My sister's work was hit. She is ok, but her car was damaged in the process...enough that it had to be totaled. So now she has to buy a car when she was not expecting to - stressful!

Today was the day to car shop. Myself, my mom and my sister went out in search of a new spiffy car for my sister! We met some interesting characters at various was a loooooong day. We finally found ourselves at the Mazda dealership and my sister fell in love with this little beauty:

In this color! She took it for a test drive and LOVED it! Then we got to negotiate and thank goodness for our mom! She doesn't take any crap and made sure that my sister got the best deal. She was a bit scary, but in that awesome "don't mess with the mother" way.

She picks the car up on Monday and I am so excited for her. I hope she loves it as much as I love my lil Honda! Here's to many great new memories in her new little car. Rest in Peace Rav 4 - you were there when she needed you the most....

...zoom zoom zoom

Rules of Buttons

Phew! I planned on posting this yesterday, but spent most of the evening trying to get this blog reset with the correct email and all that jazz and it took WAY MORE work than I had anticipated!

But it all seems to be set here is my bit on buttons.

I have these shorts from Land's End:

Mine are Navy Blue and I LOVE them!

The weird thing about them though is that the button is on the opposite side of every other pair of pants I own. Not a huge issue, but WHY? I remember hearing 'rules' about the buttons being on a certain side for men and women, but I don't actually know which is which. Just a pondering on a Saturday...

Happy reading!