Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

It was a big weekend! I went back to work this past week and then spent the weekend driving out to my parent's place to see all of my family that came up from Kentucky.

It was so wonderful to see everyone. I have not seen any of them in a think nearly eight years which is waaaaaaaaaay too long. During two of my summers in college I lived with one of my aunts down in Kentucky for an intership and I have such fond memories of staying down there with all of's a bit sad that it has been soooo long since I have seen them in person again.

Life gets crazy and plane tickets get more and more expensive, but seeing all of them this past weekend made me want to start saving now so we can do down and visit all of them again SOON!

This weekend was also the first time my husband met this side of my family! He has heard so much about all of them and FINALLY he was able to meet them all.

So along with fabulous family and fabulous food, we also had some DANCING! My Grandma is a hula dancer and also did some traditional Japanese dances for all of us.

Here is a pic my step-brother took of Grandma dancing:

She also taught us all quite a few hula dances and we had a little performance! I am not the most coordinated, and I'm sure once I watch the video I will see how "awesome" my dancing was - heehee. Once I get a hold of some pictures, I will share them!

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