Thursday, October 20, 2011


So we bought a house!  I have been waiting to post about this because I was so afraid to jinx it, but now that the papers are signed and the boxes are packed...I can now share it with the world (or at least the internet)

We spent the entire summer searching for a house.  We saw a lot of cute-ish ones and we saw plenty of TERRIBLE ones, but we just weren't finding THE one.  Then we found one that was HUGE and needed a lot of work, but had so much CHARM.

We started the process of researching whether we could get a rehab loan and were ready to make a bid...

...too late!

Someone else got to it first.  I was SUUUUUPER bummed but I kept trying to tell myself that it just wasn't meant to be and it really wasn't in our ideal location...I was still a bit bummed.

So we saw a few more TERRIBLE ones and I was getting pretty discouraged.  We were really hoping to find one over the summer and it was almost time for me to go back to school - when were we going to have time to keep looking?

Then a cute little house popped up in our listings.  The pictures made it seem really cute and it was in a more rural community - I wasn't holding my breath, but we went to look at it about 3 days before I went back to work.

And it was adorable!  It is a super old colonial, but the people living in it did a lot of updating and it looked like it had been so loved...we were falling in love.  We put in a bid - had a few counter offers and were finally excepted at a decent price that ended up lower than the highest price we were willing to go!

Then all the paperwork started - and there was sooooo much of it to collect and to send back and forth.  Thank goodness the husband is the organized one - he knew where to find all the crazy paperwork we needed.  And there was a lot of waiting.  I was so afraid the mortgage company was going to call one day and say that they decided they didn't want to give us the money.

But we got the money and we closed on the house Monday!

Here I am on the porch on the day it officially became OURS

Since then we have started moving boxes in and decided to take down the wallpaper in the bedroom which is its own story which I will share another time!

We are hoping to be moved in completely by the last weekend of October and then the house will really feel like ours.  A home of our very own!  I still can't believe it!

More stories to come but yea HOUSE!

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