Friday, September 28, 2012

Crafting Weekend

I have some big plans for this weekend...BIG PLANS.  Big Halloween decorating plans.  This is the first Halloween where we will have an actually lawn that we can decorate and the planning has begun.

We don't have a ton of space....but we have space....much better than just a window overlooking a parking lot.

We have begun to hang some decorations here and there that we already own, but the bigger stuff will happen this weekend.  Starting by creating some ghosts inspired by a Martha Stewart craft:

Ours will be slightly different, but hopefully equally creepy.

The other craft on the agenda is to create some graves out of foam.  I borrowed a hotwire from school and now I just need to think of some interest names/phrases to add on the graves.  The goal is to finish all that up this weekend so we can have the 'graveyard' set up by the end of the weekend :)

Pictures to come...with some discussion of the creation.

Happy Friday

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