Thursday, April 9, 2009


So here I was thinking I would start this blog and share my experiences as a teacher and what not. I have very good intentions, thought of a cool blog name and even posted thing....currently the only thing on my blog at the moment. A bit depressing, but i'm hoping to have a second go at this and see where it takes me.

Chances are I will get a few posts in and forget about this for a while again, but I have decided that rather than using this to post profound insight on my teaching profession, I would rather just use it as a way to contain my thoughts and on the occasion actually discuss my job.

Perhaps it will help me get the create juices flowing. Since I last posted I have really done next to none of my own artwork and that saddens me. I feel this itch inside to put something down on paper and get myself going again. I currently don't have a job for the summer so one goal is to start PAINTING again and actually FINISH some pieces.

Goal number 2, set up a website to sell said paintings or at least prints of them. I have also designed several notecards that I should be selling but I am not. I say I just don't have time but deep down I just think that I'm afraid that no one will actually like my work and will have no interest in buying it. I need to get over this and start taking chances.

I'm getting better at that, but I still have a looooooong way to go. But I rock so it's gonna happen. I bought some new oil paints this weekend at this awesome art store I stumbled on in Boston. Really cheap surprisingly and they had oil paints on sale. So I stocked up and once my grad finals are over in a few weeks, I have no excuses and I WILL start putting that oil paint down on canvas.

On the teaching front, it has been over a year since I last spoke about it. This second year is going even better than last year. I'm teaching some advanced art classes and i LOVE them. it is a real treat to teach students who actually want to know about art and want to become creative thinkers. My fifth period class truly is the class of my dreams. I've been fighting with the guidance department to get them to offer an Art 3 next year for these students and I so hope it works out. For them and for me! I feel like I am actually reaching these kids - like I really am making an impression on their minds. The other day I was helping a student come up with an idea for an assignment and talked to her about taking what she feels passionate about and working it into the project. She got really excited and got to work. A few days later, another student was having a similar creative problem and before I could say anything, the student I had talked to before started discussing our conversation with her and helped her get started! So satisfying as a teacher. I am making an impact!!!!

Currently I'm at school on my prep so I should probably get back to more school-related business, but this was a nice release. I make no promises, but hopefully I will get back here soon!

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