Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of Spring Semester

As I sit here on my couch on a Thursday when I am supposed to be at work, it's nice to reflect that I have survived this Spring semester of Grad School. I have one last final today at 1:30, which is why I am sitting at home instead of at work, and I am officially done. It will be nice to have a weekend where I don't have homework hanging over least for a little why.

Yesterday...I have never taken a more difficult exam in my life. Well maybe my Calculus final, but I wasn't very good at Calculus. Modern Art History - HARD but I learned more in that class than I have ever learned in an Art History class.

So now I sit here, gasp, relaxing and I am looking forward to picking up a lot of projects that I have set aside for when I have more time. And now I have MORE TIME. I have two knitting projects in progress and I so want to finish them so I can start some summer projects i'd like to create.

I also want to PAINT. I have new paints and I am ready to start a canvas...not sure of what yet, but it will come to me. Summer is almost here and I am ready!

Random thoughts....good day :)

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