Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prepping to work out

So i'm killing a little more time so that the office below me is officially closed...because then I can jump on my elliptical and work out for a while. My grad classes are over so I really have no more excuses. The time is now to work out. I'm not entirely motivated but i have to keep reminding myself how much better I feel afterwards.

Besides, it will let my mind relax a bit. Got my car checked today and as I suspected....I am at a place where I need to decide whether i want to put more money into my old car, or decide to invest in a new one. Now I have wanted a new one for a couple years now...but it's hard to make that decision. I tend to be indecisive and deciding to buy a car is a big decision? Am I really ready to invest in a new one??? Perhaps I'm over thinking it, but I tend to over think a lot of things - haha.

Cars and I have an interesting relationship. I tend to have some bad luck with them, but at the same time, both of my cars have kept me very safe and for that I am grateful. But i think that by the end of the summer, I may have to say good-bye to my saabby saab and hello to something new and different. Sigh....perhaps this is the push I need to get the new car. I WANT one, but I do feel better knowing that I probably NEED one as well.

Hmmm...this post has turned into a ramble of nothing really, but i figured if I got some of the thoughts out of my head I could focus on.....well exercise at the moment - heehee.

Ok, office is quiet - no more excuses - time to clear the mind, cleanse the soul and SWEAT!

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