Thursday, July 7, 2011

Credit Scores and House hunting

Money is a pain. And to make matters worse you also get rated on how well you spend your money - enter the credit score. I recently got my credit score from my bank as a result of looking to see what I could be pre-qualified for for a mortgage. You hold your breathe when opening the credit score...I mean, I like to think that I am responsible with my money and I pay my bills on time....but did I do something wrong that will make my credit score soooooo bad that no one will want to give us a loan ever?????

I know that sounds dramatic, and in the end it really wasn't. My score isn't terrible, it's actually pretty decent. Free and clear right? Um, then we get to talk about debt how much am I worth vs how much I owe. That is not so much fun - realizing how much you really are worth in the eyes of your bank.

I am apparently worth something....but not too too much

But the house hunt continues - I started contacting people to set up some showings. Many of the houses I was looking at already have offers, but I am not giving up! The right house will come will! Another test in patience....but I can do it....I hope...

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