Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If your guess was, What is Red Robin, then you are correct!

The school I work at is having a fundraiser at Red Robin where they will get a percentage of all sales, and I wanted to show my support. I messaged my friend that is up from Texas to see if she wanted to come with my husband and I for some deliciousness. That was yesterday! Then I realized that the fundraiser was not this evening, but is actually Thursday evening....ooops.

I had already promised burgers so we still went and had a lovely time. My friend Biffer and I never lack at having something to talk about and I've really missed her. Plus she is my workout buddy and we will be attempting to take a bunch of Zumba classes this summer....to sweat off all the Red Robin we are eating.

Oh! She also likes to bedazzle my nails while at Red Robin - which makes the whole experience that much fancier!

So much for supporting my school....maybe I'll order something to go Thursday...THEN go to Zumba waaaaaay more than I planned to this summer.


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