Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rules of Buttons

Phew! I planned on posting this yesterday, but spent most of the evening trying to get this blog reset with the correct email and all that jazz and it took WAY MORE work than I had anticipated!

But it all seems to be set here is my bit on buttons.

I have these shorts from Land's End:

Mine are Navy Blue and I LOVE them!

The weird thing about them though is that the button is on the opposite side of every other pair of pants I own. Not a huge issue, but WHY? I remember hearing 'rules' about the buttons being on a certain side for men and women, but I don't actually know which is which. Just a pondering on a Saturday...

Happy reading!

1 comment:

MrsKinne said...

That reminds me of The Office episode where Michael realizes he's wearing a women's suit!

Also, I don't know what the button rule is either. :)