Saturday, June 18, 2011

Car Shopping with My Sister

My sister has had a tough couple weeks. On June 1st here in Massachusetts we had a tornado that caused terrible destruction in our area. My sister's work was hit. She is ok, but her car was damaged in the process...enough that it had to be totaled. So now she has to buy a car when she was not expecting to - stressful!

Today was the day to car shop. Myself, my mom and my sister went out in search of a new spiffy car for my sister! We met some interesting characters at various was a loooooong day. We finally found ourselves at the Mazda dealership and my sister fell in love with this little beauty:

In this color! She took it for a test drive and LOVED it! Then we got to negotiate and thank goodness for our mom! She doesn't take any crap and made sure that my sister got the best deal. She was a bit scary, but in that awesome "don't mess with the mother" way.

She picks the car up on Monday and I am so excited for her. I hope she loves it as much as I love my lil Honda! Here's to many great new memories in her new little car. Rest in Peace Rav 4 - you were there when she needed you the most....

...zoom zoom zoom

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